Volunteer Needed – Oct. 5 @ First Friday Artwalk

October 3, 2018 | Admin Account

A Message from the FMAS News Team…..
As part of our mission here at FMAS, we seek to educate and raise awareness. That’s why we are working to build a News Team to help highlight our members and their projects, as well as the arts community at large.

Currently, we are working on a nice new logo animation that showcases the vibrant arts community here in Springfield. For the background of that animation, we would like to have a slow panning time lapse of the downtown area. And we want to capture that time lapse this weekend during the First Friday Artwalk.

However, our inventory lacks the necessary equipment to see this idea through to its full potential. Obviously, a standard time lapse video would be sufficient. But our vision here at FMAS is to inspire, and a sweeping pan of a bustling downtown during a high point in our city’s fall celebrations would be much more inspiring.

If any members or friends of FMAS are willing and able to help us with our lofty vision, it would be greatly appreciated! So, if you have a time lapse tripod mount or a tracking kit, or access to one, and would like to be involved in helping, please let us know.

Thank you for your time and attention, and keep working hard to realize your own visions!