Who is FMAS?

March 20, 2018 | Admin Account

FMAS is the Film and Media Association of Springfield. Fancy name, but what does that mean?

Basically, FMAS is a group of individuals who have come together to celebrate their passion for the film and media industry. Organizational members include film directors, writers, casting directors, crew, and those who simply enjoy experiencing the magic of film.

But our mission is greater than just sharing our love for the creative art of film; it’s also to stimulate and support film, television, and all other moving media created in southwest Missouri — from professional movie productions and short films to commercials, music videos, student work, and everything in between!

FMAS provides educational opportunities for its members. And, more importantly, it provides a forum for the exchange of creative ideas, information, and resources. As a membership organization of artists, arts supporters, writers, scholars, and businesses, FMAS cultivates community through collaboration.

It’s easy to share something you’re passionate about. For FMAS, it’s the love of film, media, and the creative art of storytelling. Check out our website and join the fun. Be a part of the next amazing chapter in Springfield’s multi-media adventure.